Monday, August 3, 2009


"some people make history by investing themselves in a lifetime of philanthropic labor; others....not so."

Let's reflect....

In the past 11 weeks I've learned a lot about researching. How to find good sources, how to pick relevant topics, and how to incorporate them into an argumentative paper.

Throughout my papers, I've focused on and learned about my chosen field of journalism--its major problems and the guidelines I've created for myself as I enter into the working world of the media.

I've come to really understand the history of my field. In the past century the media world has significantly changed. We always hear in our journalism classes that things are so different and it's not a good time to be entering into journalism because soon newspapers will be extinct and broadcasters have a hard time capturing a cynical public. But I disagree. In my research of the sensationalism of white missing women, censorship on college campus newspapers, and political sex scandal coverage in the media, I've really come to understand what's called the "new media environment."

I've found that this new media environment where everything is so accessible and quickness in reporting is of the essence, it's been hard to control and has caused a lot of problems in reporting (as discussed on this blog and in my papers). But like Spiderman said, "with great power comes great responsibility" and in exploring the problems in my chosen field I've come to realize the necessity of controlling this new media. I've also come up with a lot of guidelines and ways to go about doing it.

In this process I've revisited the formal paper which was refreshing. I had become so used to the news story where you put the most important elements at the top and work your way down with no opinion or your own voice. I've enjoyed being allowed to choose my own topic and bring my voice back into the mix of things.

And also in the blogging process I've learned how to organize my thoughts in a creative outlet. With pictures and videos I was able to learn about confusing aspects of my research, raise questions to be responded to, and use visual aids in what I was talking about. I really enjoyed expressing myself on this blog.

Finally, I've learned how far journalism can take you. I wrote about young victims, politicians, and college campuses and they all fell under the realm of journalism. I think that even with the problems of journalism this is the right field for me because it can combine so many interesting topics.

As for the future of my experience, I'll definitely use blogs for future research (or maybe just to keep up with my family on our own blog!). And if I were to explore this topic further I might look into more of the public's role in the media's sensationalism and the psychology of the human's need for a story involving a downfall or sex.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you've become fully EXPOSED!

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