Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Clinton Scandal: Step By Step

Not Such a Family Man After All

This man had too many sex scandals to count! The Monica Lewinsky scandal overpowered the other cases of sexual harassment and indecent exposure.

A list of scandals by steps:

1. Connie Hamzey

In 1991, the former rock and roll groupie and Penthouse nude poser claims that Clinton propositioned her when he was governor of Arkansas in 1983.

Clinton denied it.

2. Gennifer Flowers

In 1992, The Star reported Flowers' claims that she had a 12 year affair with Clinton.

There were numerous tapes of Flowers and Clinton.

The Clintons went on 60 Minutes after the Superbowl and told them the appropriate focus of politics while they were campaigning for president.

Clinton denied her claims.

3. Paula Jones

In 1994 Paula Jones held a press conference claiming she was escorted into a hotel room and was propositioned by Clinton. She said he exposed himself to her.

She sought $750,000 in damages for a sexual harassment suit.

The lawsuit was dismissed in court because Jones couldn't show any damages.

They settled out of court and Clinton paid her $850,000 and did not have to apologize.

The case was used as perjury later when Jones asked about Lewinsky and other women that he was accused of having similar relations with.
Clinton denied Jones's claims.

4. Kathleen Willey

Willey was a White House volunteer aide that claimed during a meeting in the Oval Office Clinton embraced her, kissed her on the mouth, grabbed her breast, and put her hand on his penis.

She filed a sexual harassment suit in 1998 during his second term as president.

She testified in the Jones's trial.

It was thought that she made the story up after investigation and that she was pursued Clinton.

Clinton denied her claims.

5. Monica Lewinsky

Between 1995 and 1997 the White House intern and Bill had an intimate affair, including oral sex in the Oval Office and other sexual acts.

In the Jones trial, Clinton said he did not have sexual relations with her. This was used in the perjury case that Kenneth Starr conducted later.

Linda Tripp, her co worker, began to record conversations Lewinsky had with Clinton. She convinced her to save the presents that Clinton gave her and the blue dress she wore while she had sexual relations with Bill.

After investigations, they found Clinton's semen on the blue dress. Lewinsky also testified that Clinton had put a cigar in her vagina.

Clinton admitted to lying to the public about the affair.

He should have quit while he was behind!


  1. I really enjoyed your oral presentation. Though it seems obvious I never realized how strong the correlation is between how much we care or feel we should know about politicians lives vs. how much /what kinds of media we have access to. The fact about the public not knowing FDR was in a wheelchair was amazing... never thought about it.

  2. The above statement from Bstudent shows how complacent our country has become towards our leaders... "how much we care or feel we should know about politicians lives..." This is not "a politician"... this was the President of the United States... Impeachment is not about breaking laws... it is about behaving in a manner fitting of President. Getting a BJ in the oval office is an impeachable offense. Anyone who disagrees doesn't understand the constitution or has poor values.